Ioannis Protonotarios

Gif button

This gadget was an idea that came to me due to two pictures that were well suited for creating a gif. I wanted to create a present out of this gif, so I came up with this device.

The idea is simple: press the button and the next picture is loaded.

I thought that maybe someone else could be interested in building this as a present too, so instead of just loading up the pictures on the flash, I added:
- a uSD to store the pictures.
- USB mass storage device in case you don't have a uSD reader.
- jpeg decoding; converting jpegs to rgb565 header files isn't the easiest task :)
- an accelerometer for saving power, and turning on the screen when you pick it up.

I got it down to 17uA of current draw during sleep, and due to the relatively big 500mAh lipo, it can last for a long time! The case was meant to serve as a keyring attachment.
The KiCad project and source (STM32CubeIDE) are on my github repo .