Ioannis Protonotarios

Environmental monitoring platform

This project is part of a much bigger one, the Van Leeuwenhoekpark of Nieuw Delft, to be built south of the new Delft Spoorzone.
It is a platform that will be used to validate models and research around the mitigation of the heat island effect. It is lead by the Environmental Technology & Design group of the Faculty of Archictecture of TU Delft. Furthermore due to its zero-energy/PV harvesting architecture, it will gather data to validate research on estimation of PV energy in urban landscapes. More info/links on these research topics will follow.

We are sensing:
-Wind speed & direction via an in-house built ultrasonic anemometer. Credits to soldernerd
-Temperature & humidity
-Solar irradiation
-Dust particles
-Atmospheric pressure
-Noise pollution
-Crowd density/flows

-ESP32 based
-LoRaMac-node & esp-idf
-STM32F4 based ultrasonic anemometer